The emerald : the stone that makes dream even more than the natives of May!

The emerald belongs to the family of beryls. It owes its color to the presence of traces of chromium, vanadium and iron. Their respective concentrations produce an extraordinary palette of colors, from pastel green to dark green.

How to buy an emerald?

As for the other stones, the color is the first criterion of choice of an emerald. Green must be intense, shaded with blue (preferred in Europe) or yellow (preferred in America). The best color is the one that will please you! At equal budget, prefer a slightly soft green rather than too dark one.


Emeralds are often inhabited by frost, inclusions and cracks that reduce transparency and brightness. We are talking about the garden of the emerald. It is normal to observe this garden which must remain pleasing to the eye. From translucent to opaque, the appearance must be fairly homogeneous. An emerald of a bright green and transparent will be more valuable than an emerald showing a cloudy and opaque effect.

At equal quality, in typical colors, Colombian emeralds from the Muzo and Chivor mines are still popular. Brazil, Zambia and Russia are also important producing countries.

Bague diamant

Emerald supports normal cleaning. Ultrasonic or steam cleaning should be avoided. As the emerald is a fragile stone, the hexagonal size called ‘emerald cut’ better protects the stone.

It remains fragile – the hardness index at 7 ½ on the Mohs scale, 1000 times less hard than diamond. On a ring, the metal, be it gold or platinum, must protect this treasure of the earth.

The emerald has never been captured easily. Mountain stone and stone ravines where abundant vegetation, it is also a stone of sometimes murderous ambitions for garimperos, these producers of South America independent and miserable who sometimes leave their life ….
It is attributed to all kinds of symbols ; fertility, opening the heart chakra, through the renewal and so on.